• UK-DB-1 Operational
  • US-DB-1 Operational
  • Panel Main Operational
  • LDN-ELITE-1 Operational
  • LDN-NODE-1 Operational
  • LDN-NODE-2 Operational
  • LDN-NODE-3 Operational
  • LDN-NODE-4 Operational
  • LDN-NODE-5 Operational
  • LDN-NODE-6 Operational
  • LDN-NODE-7 Operational
  • LDN-NODE-8 Operational
  • LDN-NODE-9 Operational
  • LAX-NODE-1 Operational
  • NYC-NODE-1 Operational
  • NYC-NODE-2 Operational
  • NYC-NODE-3 Operational
  • LDN-WEB-1 Operational

Incidents Incidents and scheduled downtime.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled - 2 weeks ago

Please find the message below from our data centre in London, UK:

"Please note we are planning scheduled maintenance to replace a top of rack switch with newer generation hardware capable of 40G networking.

The downtime for this is expected to last 30-60 minutes. All network connectivity within rack D1D04 will be offline for this duration, however all servers will remain powered on.

Once the switch has been replaced all servers will regain connectivity automatically.

Start date / time: 23rd July 2021 at 7AM GMT+1/BST

Affected Services: